At Integranet we pride ourselves on being a Digital Consultancy, our team focuses on developing bleeding edge technological solutions to our clients ever growing digital needs, allowing them to evolve as business whilst being educated in all things digital. We identified a gap in the market where  respect and transparency needed to be given to the client.

We know that the market is changing and that we all need to evolve, we know that our clients are more open to working smarter and more efficiently and that their customers and consumers need to navigate through a clean and concise digital landscape.

This is why we started this consultancy and this is how we will make a change for good.

Website Design & Development

Although predominately a Microsoft house, our team has  experience in a wide variety of Content Management Solutions , bespoke software applications, software development methodologies and industry specific knowledge.

This coupled with  a collaborative approach to creative design and unique UX, enables us to respond to our clients every need in a timely and thought driven, design thinking manner.

Some of the CMS Platforms used include;

Solution Design & Architecture

Our team focuses on developing the best solution to suit the client's problem.

Imperative to our solution designs in interaction with, and inclusion of, the client. Using an iterative approach, and with the aid of the Atlassian tool set, our team provides solutions of high quality, in a timely manner, whilst allowing the flexibility for the client to alter priorities, or even change scope quickly and easily.

Mobile Application Development

A major part of any business in today's market is their ability to access the consumer on the go.

Integranet's Mobile Application Development team focuses on Cross-Platform application development, using intuitive Material Design.

Our team has experience in Xamarin, as well as XCode and Java allowing for not only Cross-Platform solutions, but Cross-Platform solutions that perform as well as native applications.

With custom UI elements designed specifically for the clients mobile application requirements.

Recent Projects